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Crane Hire from Southern Cranes & Access

Mobile crane, tower crane and city crane hire

Southern Cranes & Access has one of the largest and most versatile fleets of mobile cranes, mobile tower cranes and city cranes in the south-east. Our large fleet of machines means we can be flexible in our approach to customers' needs as well as being efficient, working in a wide range of environments. Our focus is on customer service, reliability and safety.

Read an overview of our different types of cranes/machines below or simply select one of the main options below.

Mobile cranes (up to 80 tonnes)

This category of all-terrain cranes has lifting capacities of up to 80 tonnes. They are fully road-safe telescopic cranes which are highly manoeuvrable and easy to rig. This makes them ideal for rapid movement and easy set-up on construction sites with difficult terrain. They are also well suited to the city and industrial lifting tasks, making them the perfect crane to hire in these environments.

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Mobile cranes (over 80 tonnes)

For crane hire with a lifting capacity of over 80 tonnes, we have a selection of fully road-safe telescopic cranes available. For their size, they are highly manoeuvrable and relatively quick to assemble. This makes them ideal for heavier loads and easy set-up on construction sites with difficult terrain. They are also well suited to civil engineering and industrial lifting tasks.

View mobile cranes (over 80 tonnes)

Mobile tower cranes

These mobile construction cranes or mobile tower cranes are ideal for jobs requiring a long outreach over a high building from a narrow street. Mobile tower cranes have long been popular in Europe. More people in the UK are discovering the benefits of having a crane on site for the duration of a project.

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Spider cranes

Southern Cranes & Access operate a fleet of Hoeflon spider cranes, also known as compact cranes or mini-crawlers. Spider cranes or mini crawler cranes are a popular choice for glazing specialists, railway contractors and domestic lifting projects. They are compact and manoeuvrable and can be easily transported and lifted into back gardens. Some models will even fit through garden gates, making them ideal for working on cladding or glazing projects, or for hot tub installations.

Spider cranes

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Crane Hire should only be undertaken by individuals or organisations that can satisfy the crane owner that they have sufficient knowledge, experience and training in performing a lifting operation safely.

Safety and reliability are key factors when hiring a crane. If you are looking for a crane to hire with an experienced operator, Southern Cranes can provide a comprehensive contract lift solution for your project. We offer mobile crane, mobile tower crane and spider crane hire, with an emphasis on quality of service and safety.

The two basic options available to any organisation requiring mechanical assistance for a lifting operation are:

  • Crane Hire: To hire a crane to be operated by their own experienced professional
  • Contract Lift: To employ a contractor to carry out the lifting operation

The friendly team of professionals at Southern Cranes will be happy to assess your project and resolve your queries. Our experience working in London and surrounding areas provides us with a wealth of knowledge in the crane hire sector. For more information on hiring a crane or contract lifting in general, contact us here here with your enquiry.

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