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Haulage and Transport - Southern Cranes & Access, Sussex, Surrey, London, South East England


Versatile transport solutions

Southern Cranes & Access operates a wide range of versatile transport solutions. We have a variety of vehicles to suit all our customers' needs. Our articulated low loaders and rigid lorries can carry all types of heavy plant and machinery to and from site. With hydraulic ramps, loading and un-loading of plant is simple. We also operate specialised heavy haulage trailers and high capacity lorry loaders.

Heavy haulage

We operate a selection of heavy haulage low loaders. Our extendable all-wheel-steer trailers are capable of transporting loads of up to 100 tonnes.

Lorry loaders

Our state-of-the-art lorry loaders are mounted on 4-axle, rigid, flatbed lorries. They are heavy duty loaders with a maximum lifting capacity of 65 tonnes.

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